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Make sure that the aesthetic elements of your site (colors, texts, fonts, images, icons, layout, etc. make your visitors want to stay on your store. The same is true for the functional elements (navigation, user interaction, structure, etc By optimizing the web design of your e-commerce site , you will certainly have a better conversion rate . Showcase your products on your e-commerce site At this point, your online sales site is functional. All you have to do is add your products . For a successful presentation, highlight the following elements: The product name The photo(s) of the product The price Product Description Additional information: size guide, stock availability, list of ingreients, user manual, consumer reviews, etc.

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Show CTA button and payment information To make the buying process easier, you should also highlight the following: The CTA ( Call-To-Action ) button or call-to-action button: “BuyAdd to cart Order etc. Possible payment methods The delivery method add a call to action button Your merchant site is now ready to be publishd. Note, however, that the game is Kenya Mobile Number List far from over. To be visible on the web and attract traffic, you must promote your e-commerce . Among other things, you must use social networks, adopt a referencing strategy (SEO natural referencing, and SEA paid referencing emailing, etc. In addition, you must keep up to date with new digital trends to stay in the competition. E-commerce: conclusion You now know what e-commerce is, the different forms of e-commerce, its advantages and disadvantages.

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You also have an idea of ​​the appropriate status for your activity. In addition, the creation of an e-commerce site no longer holds any secrets for you. Dropship agent: Guide to choosing the best Dropshipping agent  Updatd May 16, 2022 dropship agent Working with a dropship agent is a boon for dropshippers. This professional ind holds the key to overcoming the major difficulties encounterd in dropshipping . In particular, it helps to find a good supplier who DT Leads offers quality products at the best price. It also helps ensure a faster delivery time. Enough to retain your customers and thus make your business profitable in the long term . In this guide, discover the importance of using the service of a dropshipping agent.

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