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UnionPay, the largest card network in China, is growing every day to become one of the largest card providers in the world. UnionPay is no longer just for Chinese customers, but for all customers around the world. In 2019, UnionPay had already taken the largest card payment market share (45%). The reason for this is that debit cards, which were normally used for cash withdrawals, are increasingly being used for everyday payments. But also the expansion of UnionPay internationally and the rise of cross-border e-commerce. UnionPay’s cross-border online payment services have covered major countries and regions around the world. UnionPay cards can be used in China and overseas without restriction. Merchants who accept UnionPay online are exempt from currency conversion fees. Cardholders can purchase favorite items worldwide with one click without leaving their seat.

No payment limits on UnionPay cards

In this article, we’ll detail what you China Phone Number List need to know about online payments via UnionPay, the benefits for e-merchants and cardholders, and how to integrate UnionPay. Statistics on UnionPay abroad: In 2022, more than 20 million online stores outside China accept UnionPay online payments, covering more than 200 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macao, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, South Pacific, etc UnionPay card acceptance coverage in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific was 70%, 70% and 90% in 2021. In 2020, UnionPay cards were acceptd by 22 million online merchants. In 2020, UnionPay’s online transaction volume saw an increase of nearly 15% year-over-year. UnionPay’s mobile payment is now acceptedby more than 8 million merchants in nearly 100 countries outside of China (Europe, America, Asia, etc.

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The number of merchants accepting DT Leads QR code payment from UnionPay has doubl. Merchants who accept UnionPay payments operate in various industries such as retail, food, tourism, online travel booking, eucation, airline. How do UnionPay payments work? Payment by card number: UnionPay cardholders can make their payments by typing their card details (card number, PIN) in the payment page. They will then receive a code by SMS to confirm their payment. Payment by QR code: Like Alipay and WeChat Pay, UnionPay also provides QR code payments. UnionPay provides convenient payment solutions for purchases, transfers and withdrawals. To pay via QR code, the user can scan the merchant’s code or the merchant can scan the user’s code. The rise of e-commerce benefits both merchants and customers As card usage continues to grow strongly since the onset of COVID-19.

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