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The live answering mode is basically copied from HQ Trivia in the United States. It was founded by Rus Yusupov, founder of the six-second short video Bulgaria Mobile Number platform Vine, and officially launched the iOS version in August 2017. Immediately following the second Sunday in December, HQ Trivia raised the prize to $10,000, and the number of simultaneous online users exceeded 400,000 that night. It may be an opportunity to renew the second spring for the live broadcast platform. Why do you say that?

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The temptation of high bonuses, the ultra-low participation threshold, and the social communication fission mode of inviting friends to get resurrection cards can make the platform instantly popular and popular. On the other hand, it makes the platform’s Bulgaria Mobile Number customer acquisition cost lower than ever. Why? Because it captures the greed of human nature. People like instant feedback, and most of them have a gambler mentality. This kind of answering mode is Bulgaria Mobile Number basically multiple-choice questions. In fact, it basically caters to people’s gambling psychology. If you can win prizes, you can directly answer the questions. If you answer correctly, you will know the result immediately. Even if you don’t know the answer, you can get one. That’s right. People are always willing to try their luck. As James McGregor said in

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The Chinese are always looking at the next opportunity to make a fortune. However, this kind of platform mechanism actually uses a mechanism of information opacity and information asymmetry between the platform side and the award-winning users to Bulgaria Mobile Number create a sensational and popular effect at a very low cost. It is probably just an illusion of using bonuses. From the perspective of the mechanism of all the current answering platforms, the platform basically adopts the bonus sharing model, which may be the key to make the platform gain enough popularity and let users fall into it. Really 100,000? I don’t think so.

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