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I looked at the local packs in towns and cities across California. Of widely varying populations using the search phrase “gastroenterologist” and each of the localities. I noted how many of the results returned were within the city specified in. My search and how many used “gastroenterologist” as their primary category. I even gave Google an advantage in this test by allowing entries. That didn’t use gastroenterologist as their primary category but that. Did have some version of that word in their business title (making the specialty clearer to the user. To be included in Google’s wins column.

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Of the total data points I checked, here is Belgium Phone Number List what I found Pie chart showing an irrelevant category having a 42% share and a relevant category having a 58% share. 42% of the content Google presented in local packs had no obvious connection to gastroenterology. It’s a shocking number, honestly. Imagine the number of wearying, irrelevant calls patients may be making seeking digestive health consultation if nearly half of the practices listed are not in this field of medicine. A pattern I noticed in my small sample set is that larger cities had the most relevant results. Smaller towns and rural areas had much poorer relevance ratios.

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Meanwhile Google is more accurate as to DT Leads returning results within the query’s city, as shown by these numbers Pie chart showing an irrelevant city having a 22% share and a relevant city having a 78% share. The trouble is, what looks like more of a win for Google here doesn’t actually chalk up as a win for searchers. In my data set, where Google was accurate in showing results from my specified city, the entities were often simply not GI doctors. There were instances in which all 3 results got the city right, but zero of the results got the specialty right. In fact, in one very bizarre case, Google showed me this Google local result for Joe Huggans Enterprise.

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