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The search volume on long tail keywords is usually Italy Phone Number lower, but it is more targeted and has less competition. Examples are ‘Nike shoes’ (head) and ‘grey men’s Nike shoes’ (longtail). So it’s best to find the sweet spot between Italy Phone Number terms with a low/medium competition ratio and high search volume. 7. Guest Blogging Guest blogging is a fun way to profile yourself and your company. In addition to sharing Italy Phone Number your knowledge as an expert in a certain area, it can also generate extra traffic to your own website.

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Every sector has a platform with Italy Phone Number industry-specific content. And often with a much greater reach in terms of website traffic than your own site. Placing relevant content on such a platform can lead to a huge boost in your Italy Phone Number website traffic and leads. 8. Plugins & Apps A less well-known, but not necessarily Italy Phone Number less effective way to generate leads is to create plugins or apps on existing major platforms such as Chrome or the iOS store.

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You can think of a plugin that allows Italy Phone Number you to find out email addresses (such as Hunter or Leadgibbon). Or you can see which software is running on a website (such as Wappalyzer). With apps you can create a game or Italy Phone Number a quiz and put it in the Apple or Play store and thus be seen by millions of users every day. The best channel Which online channel is best depends on a lot of factors. Such as your Italy Phone Number industry, the phase your company is in, your product and of course the target group.

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