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Sites that reimburse part of your online purchases . In the jargon, we speak of cashback. The principle for saving money with this kind of platform is quite simple: You make your purchase via the cashback site (select a product available from one of their partner brands) You get your share of refund after your payment. How is it possible ? Inde, these platforms receive a commission on each purchase made through their site. And the latter offers you a part of their gain . You can also make money with these sites through referrals . To do this, all you have to do is invite your lovd ones to register on the platform and make their purchases there. With iGraal, as a sponsor, you benefit from 3 euros on the first purchase made by your godchild. Thus, if you manage to invite 5 people and they buy via the site, your account will be creitd with 15 euros .

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And that’s not all ! You also pocket 10% of the earnings of your referrals … for life. Earning 20 euros a day would therefore be child’s play if the people you invite are fans of online shopping. how to earn 20 euros a day? Give private lessons online to earn 20 euros a day or more Do you have knowldge of history, mathematics, foreign languages ​​or other Portugal mobile number list subjects? Whatever your area of ​​expertise, know that you can use it to make money on the internet . Register on sites that connect teachers and students. We can cite in particular My Mentor, dulide or Superprof. With these sites, you can easily earn 20 euros per day. Indd, it is you who set your price. To give you an idea, the average rate on dulide is 30 euros per hour . The remuneration is therefore rather attractive. Be aware, however, that succding in making yourself known on these sites remains quite difficult.

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You must effectively stand out from other teachers to attract students. Here are some tips for doing this: Open an account on several sites to maximize your chances of finding students Refine your teacher profile: highlight your diploma and level of experience to reassure your future students Offer a lower than average rate at the start to put the odds on your side The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Sell DT Leads ​​your phone to earn some money Do you have a smartphone that you no longer use at the bottom of your drawer? Don’t throw it away! Consider reselling it to finance the purchase of a new, more efficient smartphone or to save money for your next vacation. In short, everyone has their own goal. Where to resell a phone? Go through a site specializing in the recovery of smartphones such as reBuy or Magic Recycle.

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