E-commerce 6 mistakes to avoid for a better conversion rate

Because of Covid-19, consumers around the world knocked their shopping carts for the keyboard and mouse during confinement. They are forced to do their shopping on the Internet and many have kept this habit. It’s a real digital evolution accelerated in a few months. To adapt to this new trend , more and more merchants have taken the plunge to embark on e-commerce or even m-commerce (mobile commerce). One of the key factors for the success of an e-commerce site is the conversion rate. It measures the percentage of site visitors who complete their purchase with a successful checkout. Why do e-commerce companies closely monitor their conversion rate. Like other KPIs such as (traffic volume, traffic source, CPA…). The conversion rate also plays a crucial role in the performance of your e-commerce.

The 6 most common mistakes to avoid on your e-commerce

When designing your buying Netherlands Phone Number List process, always build it from the customer’s point of view. Customer confusion is a fatal blow to your conversion rate. This article shows you what a non-optimized conversion rate is costing your brand as well as the actions you can take to convert your visitors into buyers. 1. A slow-loading site leads to lost conversions: In terms of loading speed, the bar for Internet users’ expectations has become very high. According to a study by KissMetrics, 40% of internet users expect your site to load within 2 seconds. These visitors will leave your website if it takes longer. Let’s say you have 100,000 visitors per month. If your site takes 4 seconds to load, you suddenly lose 40,000 potential customers and sales! Amazon, the e-commerce giant, said a one-second drop in its platform’s loading speed would result in a loss of 1.

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A payment page that does not inspire confidence:

An unattractive design: For 93% of people, the design of the site and the visuals are the main factors that impact the purchase action. No DT Leads one can deny that the design is the first thing the visitor sees on your site, according to many studies done on online consumer behavior, it only takes 2 seconds for the visitor to judge your design and decide whether or not to stay on your site. Your site must be above all: visually appealing and persuasive. Essentially, the goal is to direct your visitors’ eyes to a part of the page, usually the part that will allow them to perform an action on the site (click “buy now” or “add to cart”) and take a step forward towards conversion. Example of one of the best e-commerce sites in the USA Example of one of the best e-commerce sites in the USA 3.

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