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Many people prefer to test their businesses to ensure that they are profitable before registering. However, if you want to sell in France whether through physical stores or through an e-commerce site , you will ned a Siret number. This implies the ned to have a status. When you create an online business activity , and as soon as you think about creating a business elsewhere, you must register. Even if you only sell a little, or even when you don’t make any sales, the simple fact of opening an online store and selling products on the internet necessarily requires the possession of a Siret number. In addition to having to have a Siret , you must also have a Kbis extract to certify the legal and legal existence of your company. Once your company has been creatd, all the information concerning it must appear in the legal notices.

Of Emerchants Use A Company

How to do dropshipping without a company? Registration will of course depend on the nature of the activity carrie out. If you only dropship in France , your business registration number must appear in the Commercial Register. The relate declarations, that is to say those relating to business formalities, must be made to the Cfe, therefore to the Business Formalities Centre. If  Vietnam Phone Number List you plan to carry out a craft activity or expand your online presence as a craftsperson , you should register with the trades register. The craft activity inded obeys a specific regime and its status also differs from that of the merchant. The other alternative between salarid work and entrepreneurship concerns wage portage.

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The principle consists in making you benefit from all the advantages linke to the status of an employee , but without legal subordination. You will therefore work independently and you will also be relievd of all the administrative procdures associatd with it. The umbrella company will put you DT Leads in touch with a third-party company that is requesting your service. Why would we like to do dropshipping without a company so without having to declare ourselves at the start ? Several reasons can be the cause.

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