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Also see the urban plan to see if there will be any projects that risk devaluing the property, or on the contrary, which risk increasing its value. Now we have to think about the gains. The purchase-resale is the most profitable if you start your project correctly and if you bet substantial gains . How to obtain a profitable property in the context of a purchase-resale? You have to find a property below its value. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Find a property below its value The purchase-resale is the most profitable, if you adopt the right tricks.

The Methods Of A Real

The most important thing is to find an affordable property . There are certain solutions that you can adopt to obtain a property below its value. Here are some tips you can adopt: Become a partner of agencies and market players : be active in the search for your properties in order to attract the attention of agencies and players on the real estate market. If it is Hungary Mobile Number List mainly investors who opt for the rental solution who are the favorites of agencies and others, property dealers are also among their best customers. View offers, create accounts, etc. Once you catch their eye you will become their partner in some way.

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They will offer you the best offers, but also competitive prices. The purchase-resale is the most profitable if you manage to sduce the giants of the market, but you also have to know how to negotiate. Aggressive Negotiation : When a property has caught your eye, it’s time to negotiate. Bargaining is simply offering a lower price than what was advertisd. It must be done in an aggressive way, by devaluing the good concernd. The purchase-resale is the most profitable if you know how to negotiate. You must study the property with a magnifying glass to see the small imperfections, flaws, etc. Then advance its weak points, the work you still have to do, etc. Present and detail your report using figures.

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