Doing community management without a budget

Many people ask me, and this on a recurring basis, if it is still possible to work in community management without a budget , when some people sometimes say that it is impossible. If we tend to say that nothing is impossible, we must all the same recognize that even if it is possible, it is not simple in all cases. Many criteria can interfere and others will, on the contrary, help you to move forward, without spending thousands of euros on its actions. It is nevertheless necessary, and in good intelligence, to devote a minimum budget to certain actions for which there will be a positive result on the image and the visibility of a company. Community management requires certain predispositions from the community manager, but also being able to circumvent social networks to meet his community .

Community management without a budget the brakes

Budgets and community management Cambodia Phone Number List Community management budgets can be us for multiple actions, among which we will very often find boosts of publications on social networks ; mainly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter with rare exceptions. However, you should know that LinkedIn requires a fairly large budget for the boost of articles. Budgets and community management We can also note the budgets to be allocat to Google Ads, but they do not fit into community management. It is a job that has more to do with digital marketing mainly. In community management there are contests that require a budget for their implementation, between the creation of the game and the allocations allocat.

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How to do community management without a budget

Budgets can also be allocate to the DT Leads creation of content , whether it is writing articles to publish on social networks or videos to produce, which will require skills here. The videos can be of different natures; product or service review, tutorial, internal life of the company, employer brand, etc. Calling on influencers to promote your product/service offer can also commit budgets that will be significant, because it is rare to be able to work with them for free. Finally, we can underline the specific budgets according to the actions deplod: it can be a question of tools, staffing , events to be set up such as professional breakfasts, meetings with their communities, etc. Thus budgets can vary over very wide ranges, from a few hundr euros to several tens of thousands of euros.

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