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find a dropship agent The level of experience of the dropship agent in import-export of goods The last criterion, and not the least, to choose your private agent in dropshipping , it is his know-how in the field of import-export . He must have enough experience to manage the legal and administrative parts . Where to find a good drop shipping agent? Several solutions are available to you to find a reliable dropship agent: On specializd sites The fastest way to find dropshipping agents is to visit specialize platforms . In this domain, the references are and On Facebook You can also leverage the power of Facebook to find a dropship agent. Yes, this social network is not just for sharing photos from your last weekend.

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Join a dropshipping Facebook group . All you ne to do is post an ad there stating that you are looking for a dropshipping agent. On freelance platforms Another interesting solution to find a private dropship agent: go through a platform for freelancers. Remember to register on Upwork , Fiverr or even The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack About Alibaba If you want to do supplier sourcing in China, you can go to Alibaba. This Italy Mobile Number List market place is not only usd to sell its products or to contact suppliers. Note that you can also use this e-commerce platform to find a dropship agent. To do this, type “sourcing agent” in the search bar. You will then have a list of dropshipping agents with their respective rates.

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All you have to do is choose one taking into account the criteria mentiond above. Follow the evolution: Switch to e-commerce 2.0 4.8 ( 22 Updatd May 19, 2022 eCommerce 2.0 The Internet was officially born in 1989. Since then, it has not stoppd evolving. Given its potential, it has become the preferrd tool for all companies wishing to succe. It is above all commerce DT Leads that has grown with the evolution of the Net . But to be able to take advantage of the advantages of this  tool, you have to know how to follow its progress. On the e-commerce side, if there was e-commerce 1.0 at the start, now there is e-commerce 2.0. If you are an e-merchant, you must follow this evolution and move to e-commerce.

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