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How (and where) do you reach your ideal candidate – within this Morocco Phone Number. Tight labor market – to enthuse him or her to apply for a job with you? We take you through a successful example of the municipality of Delft and how they found. The right candidate for one of their vacancies via social media. The economic crisis is (fortunately) over and this is also noticeable on the labor market. The number of vacancies has increased enormously in recent times and is expected to continue to rise.

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According to Statistics Netherlands , even in 2017 the number of vacancies increased faster than the number of filled vacancies. This is a positive development for employees, because unemployment Morocco Phone Number will decrease as a result and because of the many vacancies there is more choice. But the growth of the economy, and Morocco Phone Number more people in work. Also means a shortage on the labor market. The shortage in the labor market We hear it every Morocco Phone Number day from different sides: healthcare has too few people.

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Where do we get enough teachers, there are too few technicians… The growth Morocco Phone Number in the number of intermediaries and recruitment agencies also shows that organizations are recruiting a lot. And this while recruitment itself has become a scarce profession . As mentioned, these developments are positive for Morocco Phone Number employees, but for organizations this is a challenge. How Delft found wedding officials by recruiting via social Morocco Phone Number media The Municipality of Delft was looking for one or more Special Officers from the Civil Registry (BABS).

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