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But also the potential of your company, its evolution . How would your e-commerce company be in 2 years? Rely on forecasts, statistics, opportunities, etc. During the presentation of the market, specify the strategies that you will adopt to find your customers . What acquisition channels are you going to use? Are you going to opt for direct traffic and get your customers directly to your site? Are you going to use strategies like e-mailing campaign , affiliation, etc. Are you going to use social networks? Will you use paid search? Also detail your study of competitors . For the study of competitors, you can use tools such as Semrush or Similar Web for example. This kind of tool allows you to have information from your competitors such as traffic data for example. You will be able to determine the potential of your competitors easily.

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You can also do a simple search by visiting the site of your competitors. This will allow you to know their offers, the prices they offer, the delivery time, etc. By going to the section for customer reviews, you can even find relevant information such as positive and negative reviews that you can then use on your online store. do a competitor study State your Nigeria Mobile Number List goals and action plans After completing these steps in writing the business plan, move on to the next one: your goals and action plans.

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You have to sell the most products and make a profit. But these objectives depend on several factors such as traffic for example. What are your traffic goals? In short, there is a main objective that must be detaile with secondary objectives. For each objective, there must DT Leads be an action plan or an e-commerce marketing strategy to deploy . To gain traffic , for example, you must adopt strategies such as natural referencing , affiliation, etc. Make your business plan Now you can talk about numbers and money in your e-commerce business plan. On this part, indicate your forecast in terms of turnover, margin and average basket. Also indicate your expenses (fixd and variable.

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