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Let’s explore why the passive form demands more effort. As I told you before, the basic active sentence structure is quite consistent and logical in Turkey Mobile Number English. The passive voice turns this all the way around. Then you read what happened to it.  You discover who or what was responsible only at the very end. This sequence differs from how we usually make sense of events.

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Secondly, the passive voice uses a sentence structure which requires more cognitive effort. Your reader will spend valuable working memory on making sense of the sentence. This decreases the likelihood of you getting your message across. With the Turkey Mobile Number theme of “Ingenuity Network, Continuous Excellence”, China Unicom focused on the three major fields of industrial Internet, home Internet and consumer Internet, and focused on displaying more than 20 items such as Woqi, Yundao, Internet + Medical Cloud, Wojia Manager, and Wo TV.

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products and solutions fully reflect the advantages and highlights of China Unicom in the fields of network construction, technological innovation, integration of industrialization and industrialization, information consumption, and digital Turkey Mobile Number culture. 2. The official response to the failed financing and the cancellation of the year-end bonus: it is purely a rumor In the example I gave, there is no added benefit to using the passive: the active sentence conveys the same information. Whenever you use passive voice, always consider whether a better, active alternative is available.

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