Data product thinking of private domain operation

Now even in the process of communicating with customers. No matter Saudi Arabia Mobile Number how much you talk about. No matter how good the software and powerful functions, customers will not pay. They will now consider:

Customer acquisition cost: The cost of acquiring a single customer in the dental industry has reached 2,000 yuan per person. The cost of obtaining leads has reached 300 yuan per piece. And the cost of acquiring business leads in the insurance industry has also reached 100-200 yuan per piece.

Background of writing this article

  1. Production ratio: For example, the current production ratio of the medical cosmetology industry can only Saudi Arabia Mobile Number reach about 1:1.2. Previously, the production ratio of medical cosmetology could reach an astonishing 1:50 or even higher.
  2. Advertising: New customers have been cultivated by the Internet and are accustomed to shopping around for channels. Therefore, companies often pay repeated advertising costs to acquire a customer.

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Therefore, the core purpose of these traditional enterprises is to use the Internet to help them complete digital transformation, refine customer life cycle operations, refine advertising placement, and refine private domain operations. I hope to use old customers to bring them new growth points of traffic, that is, old and new. The author has access to the old and new business of the enterprise. Which can bring in 70% of its own income. It can be seen that there have been successful cases to verify the refined operation of old customers. Which can help enterprises establish a second growth point.

Second, what is a private domain?

The macro concept of private domain, in the author’s understanding, is that enterprises can directly reach customers by means of their own message channel space, and can effectively Saudi Arabia Mobile Number communicate and interact with customers, and can also complete transaction services with customers through this channel space. This is why there were so many public domain advertisements in the past, which would lead customers to add public accounts, because public accounts can complete transactions. At the same time, the reason why the video account can open live broadcast and why it can directly connect with the micro customer service is because the loop of the transaction can be completed with the help of the live broadcast or the micro customer service.

Therefore, don’t simply understand that adding a WeChat, adding a group is a private domain, adding a public account, adding a small program is a private domain. We must know our private domain users like friends. For different users, there are different transaction service methods and transaction service products to continuously convert users. , and it is a periodical conversion user.


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