Crisp Centralize your communication channels on a single interface

Companies face an increasing number of communication channels One of the objectives of the software solution offered by the Crisp company is the centralization of the communication channels . It’s about federating teams and synchronizing company data around a single platform. Allowing its employees to centralize communication tools means gaining in productivity and efficiency! Crisp, Customer Relations Ultra-connected! Regain your productivity The multiplicity of channels covering emails, all instant messaging, SMS, social networks and their DMs, etc. do not offer any productivity gains or any ability to reach a contact more quickly and efficiently. It is indeed the opposite that occurs when we have to use our memory to find an important message or an appointment among all these tools. It is therefore easy to will prove to be the solution to adopt.

Introduction to Crisp Customer Relationship Tool

It is here that Crisp will be able to Dominican Republic Phone Number List accompany you in your customer relationship while gaining in productivity. Discover Crisp, the French solution that allows you to centralize more than 10 communication channels within a single inbox. Created in France in 2016, the company is now evolving in all countries of the world. Thanks to software translated into more than 10 languages, the company has established itself today as one of the European leaders in its market. Crisp is positioned as a multi- channel customer service management platform through a solution centralizing many additional features: Shared inbox, creation and management of FAQs, contact management, chatbot, marketing automation and more than 40 different integrations make up the platform. Crisp: Customer relationship tool Crisp therefore goes much further than the traditional when they wish to respond to the different requests from customers and prospects.

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Centralize communication tools incoming messages

The customer relationship is then greatly DT Leads simplified and there is a significant gain in productivity. The first value proposition of the French platform lies in its ability to centralize multiple communication channels and tools. Thus by using Crisp, you will be able to group together a set of communication channels among the following: Messages received from your website’s chat software , phone calls, Shared emails such as ventecompany DMs sent via Instagram, Messenger or Twitter, Telegram messages, Line messages, text messages, WhatsApp messages. The advantage of centralizing these different channels is that it is also possible to respond to these messages transparently for the customer. He will thus receive the response on Centralizing messages will thus make teams more efficient.

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