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If you need a diagnosis that evaluates the health of your search engine optimization. At fuego yámana we can work on your content following up-to-date web architecture restructuring techniques that include new messages focused on different long-tail keywords to leverage the visibility and notoriety of the website. Brand covering a wide symbolic universe associated with your business.

5- navigation from mobile devices it is not designed to navigate from mobile devices that a website is not responsive means that its design is not adaptable and that it does not adjust as it should to different mobile devices. Responsive design means that online development adapts to the size of each screen with which the site is being accessed. Be careful because if your web appearance is not responsive. It will look incorrect on various devices .

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Making it difficult for users to navigate and hiding important information. To check it. You only have to access it from your smartphone and evaluate its navigability: if it Jamaica phone number  requires a great effort to enlarge and reduce the screen every so often to see the texts. You have to move from one side to the other to read a content in its entirety. There are buttons that they cannot be clicked or the menus are cut off.

It will be clear evidence that your website is not adapted to be viewed correctly from any device. 6- loading time and functionality takes a long time to load and functionality is limited if this is your case. You have a very serious problem on your shoulders; on the one hand. Because users are very impatient and if your website does not open as quickly as possible.

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They will click on the return arrow and look for another answer from your competition. But on the other hand. Because search engines do not like them at all. Slow websites and loading speed is one of the most important factors that determine the positioning of a page. Added to this. Some sites offer limited navigation or a very poor user experience . Making it difficult to find information or navigate intuitively in order to reach your goal (conversion. Sale.

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