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Obviously this is not how to do it, but how Portugal Phone Number to do it. There are always more roads leading to Rome. Below is an extensive step-by-step plan with steps you can take to set up your local social media efficiently. Step 1: Set up Portugal Phone Number It starts with setting up the local structure. For this you need all the addresses and GPS locations of your stores. In addition, it is advisable to prepare a list with Portugal Phone Number entrepreneurs, franchisers and their store staff, which will be active on social media. You can then also choose and assign roles and responsibilities.

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To take advantage of Facebook’s special Portugal Phone Number local page structure, you’ll need to contact Facebook to initiate the process. This can be done via your own account manager (if you have one), or else via the contact form (read more about the pros and cons in this Abbie Nowak blog ). Facebook has greatly improved its service Portugal Phone Number for businesses and usually responds quickly to requests submitted. Step 2: Pilot Period For many local entrepreneurs or franchisees, social media is still a huge ‘far from my Portugal Phone Number bed’ show. If you have 50 or more stores, I wouldn’t recommend setting up the project with all the stores at once.

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Start with a group of about 10 stores and work Portugal Phone Number out a pilot of 3 to 4 months with them. Firstly to gather insights, but also to work on support for later. If the pilot has been successful, roll it out to multiple stores. Step 3: Support Portugal Phone Number and train Retailers often employ young staff who can work well on social media, but that is in a private area. Using social media for business is very different. It is Portugal Phone Number crucial to properly support and train the entrepreneur and his/her staff. Provide e-learning opportunities and tutorials on creating and posting content.

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