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The advantage is that the formalities are not very complex. Note, however, that this is a status that limits the ceiling of your turnover to €176,200 excluding tax per year . Expenses are also not dductible. It is also impossible for you to charge VAT. This status is not really recommende for a property dealer who wants to get rich, who has big purchase-resale projects given these constraints. The best is rather a commercial company status. Commercial society You have the choice of working alone, opting for EURL or SASU status . If you nee to associate, you can choose SARL or SAS status . The purchase-resale is the most profitable in terms of real estate investment if you opt for one of these statuses, because it will allow you to enjoy many advantages. The purchase-resale is the most profitable with this status because your earnings will not be limitd for example.

The Purchase-resale Is The Most Profitable

In fact your financial responsibility depends on the contributions you make. Otherwise, there is also the drafting of the statutes . It offers more flexibility. You can also dduct your expenses and charge VAT . It is therefore a perfect status for a more profitable purchase-resale. If you also choose the right tax system, you will receive impressive returns. Choose a professional status Choose a good tax The purchase-resale is the most profitable if you choose Honduras Mobile Number List a good taxation . For a professional, therefore a property dealer who has professional status, the VAT is 20% if you have built to resell. This rate therefore concerns new goods. Note that you will not be subject to VAT in the case of a purchase-resale of a property over 5 years old.

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If You Adopt The Right Tricks

VAT will also not be applicable on the work and is therefore not recoverable. If you buy a property that is 5 years old and you carry out major work to renovate and refurbish it, the resale will be subject to VAT . The latter will concern the total price of the gains and not the capital gain. The VAT on the works will be recoverable. If you are an individual, the VAT will concern the capital gain and not the total price. It will therefore be the difference between the real estate purchase price and the sale price that will be taxd by the tax authorities . An individual will be exempt from taxation if the investment he has made concerns a principal residence . To obtain a partial exemption, you must resell after 6 years or more.

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