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Therefore, consider carefully what the WII-FM Slovenia Phone Number of your organization is. Make this central when bringing your vacancies to the attention and you. will get more suitable candidates – scientifically proven! Finally, be credible and sincere: every organization these days is innovative. Works lean or agile and has a beautiful corporate Slovenia Phone Number culture. By letting employees speak, you create a realistic picture. In this blog about vlogging in public organizations , we share tips on how employees can visualize Slovenia Phone Number your organization. Tip 6. Determine your strategy from the candidate’s point of view Of course.

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The search for the right candidate starts when Slovenia Phone Number a vacancy is open. But with the shortage on the labor market, it is much smarter to start earlier. And that is possible from a recruitment strategy that has been drawn up from the candidate’s point of view. What does this candidate want to see and experience? The research for the Slovenia Phone Number HR Market Monitor 2018 shows that 70 percent of employees get their first impression of the organization when they visit the organization. And not, contrary to what many organizations think, based on a website. By using videos you already give potential candidates a look inside Slovenia Phone Number your organization, so that they already get an impression of this.

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This increases the chance of an efficient Slovenia Phone Number application process, because candidates can partly determine for themselves whether they feel a match with the culture. For example, is a candidate looking for a tight, formal and hierarchical organization? Then this candidate will most likely not respond to a video that has an informal appearance. Ambassadors A vacancy generally results in more rejections than candidates Slovenia Phone Number are hired. Yet we pay little attention to the rejections. A good application experience (including the rejection) will earn you ambassadorship. You build Slovenia Phone Number a network for future vacancies Despite the rejection, the candidates feel taken seriously and they will express this in their environment.

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