Community manager organize a digital contest according to 

Contests are essential if you want to animate your social networks and bring your business to life on the web. But how does it work? It is simply a question of creating interactive and participative content which will be a source of visibility for you in the end. Here are the steps to consider… Analyze the levers to be activat and the brakes to be lifte Carefully study your target for the operation to be effective: what are the levers to activate to encourage them to participate? On the contrary, what are the obstacles to overcome? Depending on the expectd results for the competition , what are the elements to put in place in order to obtain them? (message, endowment, distribution of the game, etc.) Take the timehighlight a specific publication, link to the release of a new product for example.

Properly manage the use of data at the end of the contest

Get followers and interactions Belarus Phone Number List Sometimes the objective is simply to obtain new followers and therefore as many potential customers, but also to animate and engage the already existing community for the brand or the products and services. To be truly effective, a “contest game” type operation must be part of an overall marketing strategy and a sufficiently well-controll consumer journey. Take care of the content of the contest The graphic atmosphere must make you want to participate, choose visual elements that are attractive to the eye and harmonious in order to make the whole aesthetic and clear. Messages shoulparticipants. The Clickncom contest platform and agency advises not to create more than five steps and not to use more than three fields in the form to be completed in order to optimize the participation rate.

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Comply with GDPR standards for the use of collected data

Contest on social networks In which case, a form that is too tedious can quickly discourage your targets and cause them to feel frustrated DT Leads or annoyed, both of which will lead to abandoning the process. Use the right distribution channels For the game to achieve the objectives that have been set (acquisition, loyalty, image, etc.), it must be distribut to the right targets, and therefore on the appropriate distribution channels. It can be a Facebook Ads campaign bas on centers of interest or similar audiences when you want to do retargeting for example, a Google keywords campaign or even via QR codes plac in a physical point of sale, or during an event. The first step will normally have made it possible to identify the most suitable distribution channels according to the target.

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