Community manager How to organize before your holidays

The creation of an editorial calendar is essential in community management . The community manager who is normally in charge of it, must therefore ensure that he creates a schedule of his publications for social networks. The editorial calendar can thus include all the important events spread throughout the year. On which the community manager can bounce back by producing content. If you have ever been confus abou.t What to post on your social media ‚ÄČor wasted time waiting for inspiration to strike, the editorial calendar would have helped you. In addition, you would have been largely responsible for not having creat an editorial calendar for your social networks. The editorial calendar is a document that helps you plan the content. That you will share on each of your social profiles. It allows you to optimize your time without. Having to search for content every day.

What is a social media editorial calendar

The editorial calendar gives you Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List visibility into what you should publish, where you should publish it, and when you will publish it. and in some cases who should do it! It is the responsibility of the community manager to create the editorial calendar , with the content to be publish on each social network where the company / brand is present. It can be worked over a defin period of a week, a month, or even an entire year when it comes to monitoring major events relating to its sector of activity. See even beyond to allow you to bounce back on the news. What is a social media calendar for? A mistake many people make when they start managing social media is thinking that any type of post works. But also that it’s easy to publish and anyone can do it.

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What is a social media calendar for

Well absolutely not! Beforehand, it is essential to have defined in your social media plan, a calendar of publications on social networks that DT Leads will be associated with your objectives. Otherwise, it’s a serious mistake that will waste your time and especially money. Editorial planning The editorial calendar thus makes it possible to know in advance: What are you going to post (text, content, link, type of content or purpose of the post). The benefits of an editorial calendar for your social networks The idea is really to optimize your time in order to be organizefor the creation and distribution of your content. What social network are you going to post it on? When will you publish it (day and time). Who is responsible for distributing the publications.

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