Community management and social networks in agriculture

Social networks are an integral part of our daily lives. Their use continues to increase in all areas, even in agriculture as we will see below: Here are some figures from the Agrinautes 2019 study (post confinement) concerning farmers and social networks : 85% of farmers connect to the Internet every day, 38% use social networks to carry out their work, 33% watch videos on YouTube, 7% use Twitter, 6% use LinkIn, only 2% use Snapchat and Instagram. Complementary 2020 study where the Covid effect must be consider. Agrinautes 2020 study In other words, farmers are increasingly connect to social networks and are getting closer to their consumers. If you want to become a community manager in the agricultural sector, follow the guide. Among the new consumer trends , some appear or have already appear overnight, and as a result, some farmers are struggling to meet this growing deman.

Become a community manager in the agricultural sector

In particular, organic farming is Finland Phone Number List advocat, but also innovative cultivation techniques. However, what about the farmers who perpetuate an ancestral know-how? If the farmers of the last decades are more aware of Internet tools and the different communication channels, the old ones ne visibility and allow consumers to know them better like their modern-day counterparts. This is where the work of the community manager in the field of agriculture will come in , but not only, because there are many areas that are attach to it. The universe is very rich and there is a lot to learn for those who would like to get start. We can consider regional and local products as anything that is deriv from agriculture, which are also to be promot on social networks.

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Questions to ask yourself before getting start

If it is time to highlight certain DT Leads farmers, it is nevertheless necessary to ask the right questions beforehand. You also have to know how to put yourself in their shoes, in front of consumers who are also becoming more and more demanding: What are the challenges in agriculture right now? How to engage in benevolent communication and produce authentic content? How can I deal with attacks and scandals in public debate? The ideal is to be well inform about everything involv in working in this universe, down to trends and ethics relating to agriculture. From the moment we are confront with processes, standards, labels, etc. you have to be able to respond to consumer demands as well as possible attacks.

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