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Because CLS records the maximum change in a 5-second “session” window. Ignoring the issue with the use of the word “session” that is confusingly nothing to. Do with Google’s definition of the same word in other contexts. The issue here is that some of the worst offenders for a jarring web experience won’t actually register on this metric. Namely Mid-article adverts, social mia embs. And so on, are often below the fold, so have no impact whatsoever. Annoying pop-ups and the like often arrive after a delay. So not during the 5-second window. (And, in any case, can be configur to not count towards layout shift.

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At MozCon earlier this year, I shar this Estonia Phone Number List example from the Guardian, which has zero impact on their (rather good) CLS score An example of a bad user experience on the Guardian that’s not affecting their Cumulative Layout Shift score. So in the best case, this metric is oblivious to the worst offenders of the kind of bad experience it is surely trying to capture. And in the worst case, it again could incentivize behavior that is actively bad. For example, I might delay some annoying element of my page so that it arrives outside of the initial 5-second window. This would make it even more annoying, but improve my score. What next.

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As I mention in part one, Google has been a bit DT Leads hesitant and timid with the rollout of Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor, and issues like those I’ve cover here might be part of the reason why. In future, we should expect Google to keep tweaking these metrics, and to add new ones. Inde, Google themselves said last May that they plann to incorporate more signals on a yearly basis, and improvements to responsiveness metrics are being openly discuss. This ultimately means you shouldn’t try to over-optimize, or cynically manipulate the current metrics — you’re likely to suffer for it down the line. As I mention in the.

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