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Chit and Amimia On November 15, Maimai completed the third round of financing of US$75 million, led by DCM, followed by Morningside Capital, among which Zhaopin is also among the investors. Since its launch in October 2013, Maimai has become the largest real-name workplace social platform in China. The Maimai financing event brought the workplace social platform into Bahrain Mobile Number people’s field of vision. With the popularity of the Internet, social networking has become one of the essential needs of people. And social networking is divided into several categories, there are acquaintance social platforms:

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social platforms: Weibo, Momo, etc.; there is also a workplace social platform, such as LinkedIn, Maimai, Chitu, etc. The workplace social platform is different from other social platforms. It is a platform for workers to exchange workplace information and work experience. The workplace social platform is generally developed by combining the two major contents of “recruitment” + “social networking”, and it is the best place for a professional to communicate. In China, social networking Bahrain Mobile Number in the workplace is still in a low-profile area, and after seeing the success of Linkedin and Maimai, many entrepreneurs began to envy them. Workplace Social Battlefield: Ice vs Fire After the popularity of LinkedIn, many workplace social platforms want to take this opportunity to stand up, such as Chitu, Youtu, Maimai, Ruolin, etc., but the final results are somewhat unsatisfactory. This is because of the differences between Chinese culture and foreign countries,

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domestic workplace contacts is generally in a closed state. Under such a state, the development of workplace social platforms in China is slightly difficult. However, among the many workplace social platforms, in addition to some workplace social platforms such as Youtu Bahrain Mobile Number and Ruolin, which announced their withdrawal from the workplace social market, there are still survivors. Platforms such as Maimai and Chitu are still in the workplace social network. active. Today, we take Maimai and Chitu as examples to see the ups and downs of social work in the workplace. It is a localization attempt in China by Linkedin, the originator of professional social networking with 500 million users worldwide.

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