Chinese tourists soon to return to Europe

China will be the locomotive of the international tourism industry” – said Glenn Fogel, Chairman of the Board of Booking Holding. Chinese tourists will certainly increase their importance in the European tourist market. In 2020, the estimated financial losses resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic were $1.3 billion for the international tourism market. The absence of Chinese travelers certainly played a big role. The Chinese were the biggest travelers and spenders in the world for a few years: in 2019, they spent an estimated $254.6 billion. Covid-19 has cost the tourism sector dearly in a year unprecedented in modern times, but many Chinese are ready to fly again, starting in the Asia-Pacific region in 2021 for s venturing to Europe in 2022. The Chinese have never lost their interest in travel, as amply indicated by the boom in Chinese domestic tourism in recent months.

Take advantage of digital technology to attract Chinese tourists

Although the pandemic is far from Iran Phone Number List over, some 500 million doses of the vaccine have been administer worldwide, creating a climate of cautious optimism. A world without quarantine restrictions seems within reach. The pace of recovery of Chinese tourism abroad The pace of China’s outbound tourism recovery will heavily depend on the rapid rollout of vaccination. In China, nearly 65 million citizens were vaccinat in March. According to Chinese government estimates, 40% of the population will be vaccinat by the end of July. This means that 560 million Chinese will have receiv two vaccines this summer. While the US and UK are on track to achieve herd immunity by the end of the first half of 2021, we expect the EU to achieve herd immunity in the second half. of 2021. Which will accelerate the return of Chinese tourists abroad.

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Shopping, still a priority for Chinese tourists

Forecasts by Chinese multinational travel company CTRIP predict that up to 60 million tourists will travel outside of China this year. This DT Leads means that as soon as travel restrictions are lift, Chinese tourists will return to Europe. What type of Chinese tourists to expect? A study conduct by Vogue Business in China indicates that luxury consumers, whose expenditure on luxury goods excee 2,400 in the last 12 months, are 40% more likely to travel abroad in the next two months months than other consumers. Some 14% of “non-luxury” consumers say they are willing to travel abroad in the second quarter of 2021, while this figure rises to 17% for luxury consumers. Chinese tourists will not only focus on luxury but also on independence and a healthy lifestyle.

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