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Summary of the article The online suggestion box replaces the physical suggestion box What is the online suggestion box? What are the advantages of the online suggestion box? Online suggestion box: do you nd it in your business? What you nd to plan before setting up the online suggestion box How to set up an online suggestion box in your company? Citizen suggestion box: what is it? To go even further: collect ideas via a collaborative ideation platform The online suggestion box replaces the physical suggestion box The first use of the physical suggestion box to involve citizens dates back a very long time. Installd in a public space or in administrative premises, they are mainly usd to gather users’ opinions on the quality of State services.

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Like ballot boxes, it collects suggestions, complaints and dissatisfaction from people wishing to remain anonymous to avoid possible reprisals. It is, in a way, the application of a form of participatory democracy close to votes. Online suggestion box In companies, physical suggestion boxes are mainly usd as internal communication tools to promote cohesion between the different actors, in particular employees, managers and executives. Everyone can Cyprus Mobile Number List submit an idea freely, anonymously or not. The ideas put forward must revolve around the general interest of the company . The objective is to strengthen competitiveness and productivity . Using the physical suggestion box is certainly constructive, but over time it becomes obsolete. Inde, sorting the papers containing the ideas and processing them one by one represents a colossal task which sometimes discourages those in charge.

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Not to mention the possible loss of pieces of paper. Plus, the boxes fill up quickly because employees can jot down ideas on multiple pieces of paper. However, it is not easy to use a second suggestion box. Therefore, companies have gradually turne to the online suggestion box. The application of this new concept, which is both practical and innovative, is clearly more advantageous in terms of management . The advent of digital has not eliminatd the suggestion box, but has improvd it. In general, it is not difficult for companies and startups to adapt to it. To give rise to a good transition, they just nee to follow the innovation process properly.

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