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Resolution of your photos, the sharper they will be on desktop monitors and mobile devices. Having low-quality images is the quickest way to make your brand look unprofessional and lose potential sales. Displays images at El Salvador WhatsApp Number List resolution, showing how to use images in web design 2. Limit large images above the fold Images are important, but everything has its place. The most important part of your website is the area they can see without scrolling.

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So don’t waste it using huge images that don’t provide value or convert visitors. Websites with large images above the fold 3. Use copyright-free images Using royalty-free images is important because you don’t want El Salvador WhatsApp Number List to have any legal issues with the owners of any images you use. Fortunately, you can download royalty-free images on many sites. Remember that it is important to read the copyright information before downloading any content from the above sites. This is due to legal restrictions such as how many times an image can be used and whether attribution is required. Image of the Pickaway logo logo 4.

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Reduce file size When you upload images to your website, the file size will most El Salvador WhatsApp Number List likely be larger than necessary. Unfortunately, these files are slow to load, which can degrade your site’s user experience. To fix this, use an online tool like TinyPNG or Image Optimizer to compress them without losing quality. Image files are converted to smaller 5.

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