Case study the art of buzz on WeChat

A WeChat campaign orchestrat by “New World” web influencer shi xiang recently caus a buzz before being censor by WeChat. What strategy should you adopt for your own campaign? The New World Campaign Case Study New World, which primarily targets millennials, is a popular account on WeChat. Romantic relationships, money, or even mental illnesses, the subjects dealt with by New World are generally societal subjects of all kinds. The account has been block before for posting content with quite sensitive topics, but has since regain over 2 million followers in just one year. This impressive growth allow the founder to benefit from legitimacy and thus create his online marketing courses, for a certain amount of money.

The list of top sellers in just 24 hours

Create a sense of urgency by Albania Phone Number List driving up prices New World bloggers have come up with an emergency supply and demand strategy. The price of the marketing course start at 9.9 RMB and increas by 5 RMB after every 10,000 purchases. This createan emergency effect, which l users to quickly buy a ticket to attend the course, before the price of the course increas even more. Involve users in revenue sharing WeChat. Users can generate a personaliz poster and share it on social networks. The latter then receive 40% commission on the purchases of their friends. If these friends manage to sell a course to their friends themselves, the original promoter receives 10% of the transaction. In a bid to encourage their followers even more, New World has also shar a table of top sellers from the campaign.

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How to adopt a viral strategy on WeChat

These schemes, quite common in DT Leads China, are often blocked for suspicion of pyramid selling. An assum kamikaze strategy Already bann once by WeChat and aware that this new campaign would surely earn him a new sanction, New World used another account to circulate this campaign. The account was inde block, but New World preserved its 2 million followers on its main account. A risky but ultimately profitable strategy! WeChat.jpg Here, the account used for the campaign has been blocked, an error message is indicated there: “Failed to send, it is impossible to send messages to this account because it did not respect the rules of uses of the platform” Campaign results In just 24 hours, this viral campaign achieved impressive results.

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