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Make sure that terms that you convert well on appear Hong Kong Phone Number in your listing The advertising report indicates on which search terms your products convert best. It’s important that you include these words in your title, as the title is the Hong Kong Phone Number most important field in your listing (when it comes to organic ranking in Amazon’s search engine). Do you have multiple words that convert well? Place the ones you can Hong Kong Phone Number no longer put in your title in the search term fields on the backend of seller central .

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By placing these words in your title and Hong Kong Phone Number keyword fields, you can be sure that you will be index for these words in the search engine. It would be a shame if you do not index in the search engine on words on which Hong Kong Phone Number you convert well in your advertising and therefore cannot rank organically. NB: Use a maximum of 250 characters in the backend keyword fields. If you put more than 250 characters there, there Hong Kong Phone Number is a good chance that you will not be indexed on any word.

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Special characters, such as an umlaut, count for 2 characters. amazon Hong Kong Phone Number credit card 8. Use a credit card to save miles or points Finally, not exactly an advertising tip, but definitely worth it if you spend a lot on advertising. I myself have linked Hong Kong Phone Number an American Express card to my advertising accounts on Amazon, Google and Facebook with which I save miles. As a result, I fly ‘free’ business class to the sourcing fairs Hong Kong Phone Number in China every year. Hopefully the above tips will help you. If you have any questions or tips of your own, leave them in the comment box below.

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