Cables Left Behind

Hours of operation and their locations are displayed at the top of the page. The site also features informative blogs and car care tips. The site is well organized, making it easy to discover information or find exactly what you’re looking for. 36. Michael & Co. This website immediately shows visitors Canada WhatsApp Number List what is on offer. Also, they showed what some of the cars looked like before and after the service. This is a great way to show potential customers what they can expect when.

Offers Regularly Left Behind

For example, they share the time they have been in business, thereby building trust between the prospect and the company. Some of the distinguishing features of this website are accessibility, social media links Canada WhatsApp Number List and video integration. 37. GIC Car Clinic The GIC Car Clinic has many pictures that help explain the business well. A good mix of information and pictures helps pages to be more readable. The homepage has a short informative video that helps to get a lot of information in one place.

Canada WhatsApp Number List

Being Too Pushy

Displayed at the top and bottom of the page, along with their working hours. 38. ADVO’s Cars This car repair site has tons of pictures and text. There is a lot of white space and simple blue to highlight important information such as their phone number and service. Offering roadside assistance, they did a great job explaining the service and how it can benefit customers. Some of the features that stand out on the homepage are testimonials from satisfied customers.

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