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So changes have the potential to spur keyword growth. You have the resources to directly compete with the brand’s online authority and presence. There are always exceptions to these rules, such as brands that don’t need a robust online presence because. They rely on third-party contracts and word-of-mouth to survive, like government contractors. However, for the average B2B and B2C company. Choosing competitors with these guidelines in mind will keep your attention focused on worthy competition and not riff-raff. Identifying pain points. Once you know who your competitors are, you need to know what content to analyze and how to determine why their version is superior to yours.

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These choices come down to knowing your Kuwait Phone Number List brand’s pain points. Not understanding or researching your own pain points before delving into competitive research is a huge mistake. Pain points allow you to focus your competitive analysis. Without knowing what you want to fix, you’re aiming in the dark when you research the competitor’s content. Without light to guide you, it’s extremely easy to emulate ideas you shouldn’t or try to compete with a website that’s incompatible with your goals or organic authority. What pain points should you focus on? Ultimately, your business goals and content KPIs should determine what pain points you focus on. Let the slipping conversions, plummeting newsletter sign-ups, or poor website performance metrics guide your path.

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Let’s say you run a documentary DT Leads streaming service and are struggling to get users to sign up for a trial after reading relevant blog posts or research papers. You know one of your competitors doesn’t have this churn, so you plan to read their related content and see how the experience is superior. Before you can dive into the competitor’s service and learn why they earn trialists, you need to know why your users refuse to join. In this scenario, your best option will be user research, such as User interviews A/B tests Surveys Usability tests.

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