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Heatmap tracking Net promoter score analysis. Once you determine why your brand is failing, then you can critically consider. How your opponent solves the issues users have with your brand’s service. The trick to knowing if a competitor’s pain point solution will work for your brand is understanding why it works for the competitor. There are plenty of ways to gain this knowlge. Including best practice awareness, running the competition’s idea through a user research gauntlet, and comparing the options side-by-side. These insights all rely on one common theme the competition is following best practices and doing everything correct. However, competitors are fallible and often don’t offer users an ideal experience or perfect content.

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So what happens when the competition is Latvia Phone Number List wrong? What if the competition is wrong? Even if a competitor passes your initial screening and seems like a great brand from which to discover your weaknesses, first impressions can be deceiving. There are plenty of mischievous marketing practices businesses can participate in that you wouldn’t notice at first glance, such as black-hat link building or paying users for positive reviews. And there are many innocent mistakes that your competitors may make that will harm your website if you implement them, like lackluster accessibility standards. The amount of due diligence you perform should correlate with the amount of risk you undertake to emulate an idea or strategy.

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For low-risk ideas like rewriting a DT Leads competitor’s blog post, the due diligence can be extremely simple, such as checking the post’s sources, keyword targets, and backlinks. High-risk ideas, like overhauling your product pages or customer journey, ne a more robust background check. Here are a handful of r flags that should encourage you to avoid a competitor or at least do a deeper dive into their website Content automation (like scraper blogs) or similar signs of low-quality content Link cloaking Guest posting networks or other.

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