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Automatically calculates the SOV for the top competitor sites in a group of keywords. You can add your sites domain(s) and any top competitors. You want to make sure are included as “pinned” sites within the SOV settings tab. STAT competitive landscape pinned sites. Learn more about how to customize the SOV settings here. Once you’re all set up with your customization, you’ll receive daily updates to SOV and can use the helpful reporting dashboard to compare over time. Incorporating SOV into reporting dashboards You can always export data directly from STAT or.

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Utilize screenshots in your monthly report Mexico Phone Number List format of choice, but I prefer using the STAT Google Data Studio connectors. These allow for an easy data connection and the ability to add custom visuals to existing or new reports. It’s a shortcut to making client-friendly visuals that don’t require custom updates. Here is a great resource to start with if you are new to the STAT GDS connection. You’ll have to learn how to do simple API calls to get some of the data points you need, but I promise you’ll feel more powerful once you master.

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If the API instructions scare you, use DT Leads this builder to input your own account metrics as a shortcut. Once you have your API details, go to this link to begin setting up the SOV data connection at the site level and use this link to set it up at the tag level. You should see a visual similar to the following. The site connector will have Site ID and the tag connector will have Tag ID. Fill in your fields and add to an existing or new report. STAT Tag SOV Connector. Once you have the data in your report you can now build your ideal visuals. Visualizing SOV Share of voice in STAT is listed in an ongoing.

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