Brand24 The tool to take care of your e-reputation

It is essential for any company or brand present on social networks, or more generally on the Internet, to take care of its e-reputation . This can be linked to the marketing principle of the desired image and the perceived image . How do you want people to perceive you? and what is the reality? The 2 must be constantly connected, to be in tune with his speech and his communication. According to Chris Anderson, famous American journalist and entrepreneur: “Your brand is not what you say about it, but what Google says about it”. This is why tools exist to optimize this online work, and in particular Brand24! A powerful tool that allows you to monitor your brand and your products on the Internet . The e-reputation of a brand or a remain without reaction on your part.

The advantages of the Brand24 solution

A brand’s e-reputation is the Bahrain Phone Numbers List reflection of what its customers and Internet users will testify to it on the web, through the various existing channels, of which social networks are a part. It is a question of having the most positive image possible and of being constantly attentive and available for its customers and Internet users. The guarantor of the e-reputation will have to monitor this work and avoid any badbuzz or unconstructive debate, which could harm the image of the brand or the company for which he works. Clearly, the overall promise of a company must be visible and tangible in its daily actions, on the web on the one hand, but also in its relationships and services provided offline. The term e-reputation relates to what happens online, but it would be a shame not to be in tune with the offline reality.

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This is in order to increase your notoriety

Presentation of the Brand24 tool Brand24 gives you the possibility to follow the customer reviews posted online as well as the various mentions on social networks and information sites. This tool also lets you know what people are DT Leads saying about your brand on blogs and forums. Brand24 In order to access it, you must register with your professional email address. No credit card is requir when registering. You will be entitl to a free trial for 14 days to discover all its features. Then, monthly subscriptions will vary between $49 up to $249/month for businesses. Pricing plan Brand24 To go further, here is an overview of the features of Brand24 : Protection of your e-reputation This main option will grant you to interact on positive feedback from your brand ambassadors or respond to a dissatisfied customer before badbuzz can potentially occur.

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