Benefits – the Consequences of How You Treat Your Staff

When a potential employee submits their resume for review .An employer seeking to fill an open position within their organization. A question often asked is “What are the employee benefits? It Namibia Phone Number List treats its employees.In an ideal world, employers are understanding, considerate, patient, and generous. health is not only a question of health insurance, but also a question of care. Sports activities available at the office, healthy eating. Bonuses for critical weight loss or for breaking bad habits –  attitude.Salary

According to Psychology Today, Happy Employees

According to Psychology Today, happy employees spend 80% of their time on task while, unfortunately, unhappy employees admit to being only 40% on task. In addition, employees were found to be absent more often happy employees. Now sit down and think about it for a moment.If your happiest staff are on task 80% of the time, that percentage is 4 full  Namibia Phone Number List working days. That’s 60% at a lower rate whic if converted to a dollar amount. Can legitimately cost tens or even of of dollars a year in lost revenue due to productivity or lack thereof. Are you sure you’re doing this for your workers in 2019? To be sure that your employees are motivated to stay and grow within your company, you must make sure.

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It Has Been It Costs, on Average position

This figure both the logistical costs of replacing someone the loss of production required while having to go through the grueling process of finding a replacement, having to train them to upgrade, and bringing that member in. A productive place to manage their new position. the Namibia Phone Number List ways you can help people can be very creative. A healthy worker is an efficient worker. The office is bad for your health – sedentary work, stress, eye strain and other “benefits” are well known to everyone. Compensate it to your workers at least partially, with caring. That you do everything to cover their needs on different levels, from health to personal goals.

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