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In terms of infrastructure, I think we have so much growth, we have so many changes, and we are also very happy to see that all the usual accumulation has turned into a fruitful result during the “Double 11” process. . I think there are also many colleagues Portugal Mobile Number from the technical team here today. We applaud ourselves and the technical team together. The opening of the second battlefield is easier said than done? Let us experience the hardships we face in this far south, in the south of the motherland, to build a stage in a gymnasium, arrange receptions, and do all kinds of large-scale activities on the ground.

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on-site event from the very beginning, but this year, I think we have opened up a second battlefield since we had a party last year. Last year’s battlefield was in Beijing, and this year’s battlefield in Shenzhen. Of course, the opening of the second battlefield has also brought us a lot of gains. In fact, I am still looking forward to BI to give me Portugal Mobile Number a data today. I have heard that our express company is very sensitive to numbers. This year’s “Double 11” in Guangdong The single quantity is very large. Our BI classmates quickly confirmed that because we put the home stadium in Shenzhen, we have driven local consumption, driven consumption in South China, and stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers.

We Are in the Second Battlefield Portugal Mobile Number

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Including the content production team of the party. This year’s party, I believe everyone took a break from their busy schedule to watch it. Of course, I don’t know how many people wanted to snatch Lin Chilling’s clothes. The dual-screen interaction was also at the party, and there were many innovations. In addition to the party scene, we also have a Portugal Mobile Number huge party reception team, from our consumers, to the reception of our merchants, from the reception of Chinese merchants to the reception of foreign merchants, from the scene of our party to our media center. Hundreds of reporters from home and abroad, they followed the beating of the big screen 24 hours a day with us.

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