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You learn to build up your content editorially and continuously, to bind the audience to you and to give your organization a recognizable face. Even if your resources are limit. You will also learn how to create a stage for your stories. Trainer Cor Hospes: “Do not tell what you make, but what you make possible”. During the Content Marketing & Storytelling training you will work on the story of your company or organization yourself. You walk out full of inspiration and new ideas. Result You have a strong foundation for content marketing & storytelling.

You Achieve These Goals

You can create, drive and distribute strong stories about – and for – your own organization. Program The Content Marketing & Storytelling training covers the following topics: Day 1: The importance Australia WhatsApp Number List of distinctive content Starting up your own content platform The CP-Model Audience first Empathy map From brand DNA to stories Setting up an editorial format Content mapping, content atomization, earned & paid Who has influence within your market?

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Achieve These Goals

Practical tools & inspiring cases Day 2: The power of storytelling The structure of a good story The properties of a good story You don’t hear a story with your ears A story is about change What you can learn from Dora & Rocky Narrative arc Do’s & don’t’s and tips & tricks For whom The Content Marketing & Storytelling training is intended for anyone who wants to get started with distinctive content. Think of: (content) marketers, content specialists, copywriters, copywriters and communication employees – or advisors.

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