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You know it’s not clear-cut, but it might give us some suspicions. Do competing pages both appear. Similarly, if we look at examples of similar keywords that are less ambiguous in intent. So perhaps in the burgers case, if the SERP for “best burgers” and the SERP for “buy burgers. If those two keywords had completely different results in general. Then we might think, oh, okay, we should have two separate pages here. And we just need to make sure that they’re clearly differentiated. But if actually it’s the same pages appearing on all of those keywords.

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We might want to consider having one Algeria Phone Number List page as well because that seems to be what Google is preferring. It’s not really separating out these intents. So that’s the kind of thing we can look for is, like I say, not clear-cut but a bit of a hint. 3. Consolidate or differentiate? Once we’ve figured out whether we want to have two pages or one, or whether we think the best solution in this case is to have two pages or one, we’re going to want to either consolidate or differentiate. So if we think there should only be one page, we might want to take our two pages, combine the best of the content.

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However One Of The Most Common Uses

Pick the strongest URL in terms of DT Leads backlinks and history and so on, and redirect the other URL to this combined page that has the best content, that serves the slight variance of what we now know is one intent and so on and so forth. If we want two pages, then obviously we don’t want them to cannibalize. So we need to make sure that they’re clearly differentiated. Now what often happens here is a commercial page, like this Buy Burgers page, ironically for SEO reasons, there might be a block of text at the bottom with a bunch of editorial or SEO text about burgers, and that can make it quite confusing what intent this page.

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