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When you have completd this study, you are ready to write a reliable and relevant business plan model: an optimal e-commerce business plan. Start with a presentation For the development of the e-commerce business plan, you must start with the presentation which consists of presenting your activity, your legal status, your team, your product catalog and the market. Are you going to sell your products on your site or on a marketplace? Etc. The legal status To develop your plan easily, it is better to choose the legal status in advance. Also discover our guide on the legal status for dropshipping or online sales without stock.

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The team When you are going to introduce your team, indicate all the personnel involve in the project including the project leader, the company manager, the company hierarchy, etc. The product What product is it? What’s her name ? Is it a product from a generalist niche or a market niche ? Detail the section as much as possible by indicating the cost of Norway Mobile Number List the raw material, the production, the packaging, and others, especially if you take care of all these points. Then, determine the average basket , the VAT rate which will then allow you to obtain the price including tax and finally the margin. How much profit will you get from selling the product concerne? You will get an estimate from a sales projection and product price.

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The product section is a very important part in the e-commerce business plan, because it is one of the points that make it possible to convince investors . The product catalog also allows you to know if the business project is profitable . But first of all, ask yourself a few questions like: “Why would the product be profitable? Why will customers buy from DT Leads you and not from one of your competitors? The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack The market Regarding the presentation of the market, it will be very simple if you have carrid out a market study. Indicate in your e-commerce business plan your target customers, your competitors and the potential of the market concerne. There is the general potential which concerns the product you have selectd (Does it have a future? Will it still sell after a few years Etc.

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