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The various e-commerce professions available Updatd May 19, 2022 e-commerce business E -commerce has revolutionizd commerce since the 21st century. It is a sector with a future. According to the FEVAD or Feeration of e-commerce and distance selling, more than 200,000 e-commerce shops were create in France in 2016. The figures increase each year given the potential of the sector and the profits that companies and e-merchants manage to collect. Even start-ups are getting into it. There are generally two profiles of traders on the Net. There are so-calle pure player companies that only sell online, unlike brands like Amazon or eBay, which have physical points of sale in the meantime. various e-commerce professions These are brick and click. It’s not just the big brands that use the Net to sell their products , articles and services. Small independent traders who wish to gain visibility also do e-commerce. Given the evolution of online sales , many professions have emergd.

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Are you looking for an e-commerce job? Discover the jobs you can do in this sector. Summary of the article e-commerce professions digital creation Technical trades Web marketing positions Jobs for content on an e-commerce site e-commerce professions When we talk about e-commerce, we imm diately think of an e-merchant and a wholesaler supplier . Know that these are not the only jobs that exist. For online sales to be successful, you ne to have expertise or call on experts. There are therefore many vacancies if you are looking for a job in e-commerce. There are offers within the framework of digital creation , techniques , web marketing Lithuania Mobile Number List and production . Depending on the studies and e-commerce training you have followe, for your skills and your qualities, you can choose an area among these four. digital creation To do e-commerce, you nee a website.

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A website can be creatd using a CMS or a SAAS . There are also market places or marketplaces that offer their platforms to e-merchants. digital creation profession Note, however, that in addition to technical creation, a site nes a good appearance to attract customers and retain them . It is for this reason that there are positions that concern digital creation. Among these positions, there is that of artistic director, web designer, multimdia graphic designer or designer DT Leads director. Choose the e-commerce job that suits you among these positions if you are passionate about digital creation . E-commerce profession: artistic director This e-commerce business is sometimes call DA . The artistic director generally works within a web agency . He can also work for a user company. In any case, his position is very important since he is the one who defines the graphic and artistic identity of the e-commerce site . He also imagines the animations, the soundtracks, the graphic charter etc.

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