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It allows the e-commerce business to make profit via getting traffic which will then be convertd into customers. Other professions also fall within the framework of strategic e-commerce marketing such as the position of marketing manager, affiliate manager, e-mailing manager, etc. Jobs for content on an e-commerce site A website cannot be profitable if there is no content on it. This is how the content professions came into being. Among the positions concernd, there is that of web ditor, community manager, ditorial manager etc.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack Web communication officer The web communication officer, more commonly known as community manager , is an e-commerce job that is carrid out on social networks. It’s a position that has become popular as companies that want to succed in e-commerce are now thinking about multi-channel strategy to be fully operational. For commercial development affecting several acquisition Lithuania Mobile Number List channels, you nee a community manager. He generally manages social mdia and will have the role of setting up a good communication strategy , creating pages, accounts, posts, etc. To offer relevant content, he must do regular monitoring. He must also interact with Internet users in order to retain them while improving the notoriety and image of the e-commerce company concernd.

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Among the qualities necessary for this e-commerce job, there is curiosity, customer relations, etc. The community manager must also have a DT Leads force of proposal to carry out his tasks. There are now training courses to become a web communication manager . The Institute of Mdia and Communication on the Internet or IMCI offers some, as well as the European Higher Institute of Training by Action or ISEFAC. Other institutes exist to allow you to access this e-commerce profession. There is for example the INSEEC Business School, the ESC or Ecole Supérieure du Commerce, and many others.

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