Anywhere office: learn to work from anywhere in the world

What is anywhere office?
Anywhere office is a work model in which company employees carry out their activities anywhere. This means that employees can work from home. In coworking spaces . Libraries. Coffee shops. Hotels and even in the company office.

In practice. In this new working model. Physical space Finland Phone Number becomes a secondary issue. What matters is that the professional is in a place where he feels comfortable to perform his activities.

In order to be successful in working this way. However. The company needs to invest in good digital communication tools and cloud systems . Which allow work to be carried out anywhere.

The pandemic and the anywhere office culture

The anywhere office was already seen as a trend for companies even before the pandemic. However. With the health crisis that set in the world at the beginning of 2020. The process was accelerated.

To protect their employees from covid-19. Organizations around the world have joined the home office . That is. Employees began to perform their activities at home. And no longer at the company’s headquarters.

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As the acute phase of the pandemic passed. With vaccines being applied to the population. Social restrictions began to become more lenient. With that. Some organizations started to return to the offices.

However. The positive experience obtained with employees at home office. In the first months of the pandemic. Made most organizations opt for hybrid work.

In this way. Many companies are evolving towards an anywhere office process . This gives more freedom to employees and to the organization itself. The advantages obtained by adopting this way of working are many. As we will see below.

Key benefits of anywhere office for organizations

The practice of anywhere office brings benefits to companies and their employees. Here are some of the main ones:

cost reduction one of the main benefits that companies have when adopting the anywhere office culture is the reduction of infrastructure expenses. This is because it is no longer necessary to spend so much on office and meeting room rentals. Nor on electricity bills. Internet. Iptu. Among others.

Banco inter is an example of an organization that has made a lot of savings by adopting the anywhere office . Currently. Employees of the financial institution work in coworking spaces and no longer in fixed offices. The strategy adopted by banco inter allowed savings of one million reais in less than a year. This is a surprising result. Don’t you agree?

Breaking down geographical barriers
let’s assume that your company is based in são paulo and needs to hire a new employee to fill an important position.

Among the candidates for the vacancy. There is a very prepared person. With the desired academic background and experience in the area. However. She lives in a city in the interior of bahia and is not interested in changing her address because of work.

When the company follows the anywhere office. This is no longer a problem! After all. The employee does not need to work only in the company’s office. He can continue to live wherever he wants and work from his home. Coworking spaces or other spaces.

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