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On PrestoExperts, the principle is simple: You create your expert account You fill in your profile (photo, category, diploma, years of experience, etc.) Your profile is displayd on the list of experts once your registration has been validate You answer questions from users who contact you You collect the agree amount Unlike other Q&A sites, PrestoExperts lets you select more than one area of ​​expertise. Again, you are free to set the prices for your responses . Payment is made via PayPal. is a learning platform that allows you to earn money by answering questions. These are sent to you by email. earn money with the earning site Earn com On, you can also take paid surveys.

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However, you will not receive real money, but cryptocurrencies paid into your Coinbase account. Fixya Fixya is a question-and-answer site relate to various products (household appliances, telephones, computers, etc.). Launche in 2005, this site has more than 20 million users spread across many countries. The principle is as follows: once registerd on the site, you answer questions from other members of the platform. Each answer earns you points to rdeem for cash or gifts. StudyPool StudyPool offers a concept that is a bit different from other Armenia Mobile Number List sites where you can earn money by answering questions. Inded, this site specializes in school work . You will therefore be requird to answer questions from students who are having difficulty with their homework. If you have a skill in the academic field , StudyPool would be the ideal platform to supplement your ends of the month.

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This is so that the team in charge of managing returns can take care of them under the best conditions of execution and deadlines. However, delivery and postage costs remain your responsibility. Can a seller block an AliExpress member customer’s account? Indd, a seller can block a customer on Aliexpress when he considers that the latter is not reliable. Out of pure respect for the Privacy Policy however the reason for such blocking cannot be disclosd.

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