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The same logic should not apply. It’s not uncommon for Google to exclude local results from appearing at all. When their existing logic tells them there isn’t a good answer. It’s tempting to say that solving the filler content problem depends on Google expanding the number. Of results for which they don’t show local listings. But, I don’t think this is a good solution, because the user. Then commonly sees irrelevant organic entries, instead of local ones. It seems to me that a better path is for Google to expand. The radius of local SERPs for a greater number of queries.

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So that a search like ours receives a Bolivia Phone Number List map of the nearest gastroenterologists, with closer, superfluous businesses filtered out. What should you do if a local business you’re promoting is getting lost amid filler listings? SEO is going to be the short answer to this problem. It’s true that you can click the “send feedback” link at the bottom of the local finder, Google Maps or an organic SERP, and fill out form like this, with a screenshot Sending feedback about a Google map result. However, my lone report of dissatisfaction with SERP quality is unlikely to get Google to change the results.

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Perhaps if they received multiple DT Leads reports More practically-speaking, if a business you’re promoting is getting lost amid irrelevant listings, search engine optimization will be your strongest tool for convincing Google that you are, in fact, the better answer. In our study, we realized that there are, in fact, no GI docs in Angels Camp, and that the nearest one is about fifteen miles away. If you were in charge of marketing this particular specialist, you could consider 1. Gaining a foothold in nearby towns and cities Recommend that the doctor develop real-world relationships with neighboring towns from which he.

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