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Ran an experiment in which they cancelled. An annual contract with a service that manages information on location data aggregators. While they saw no impact on rankings or links within the timeframe of the study. Their number one finding was that their listings then became polluted with bad information. Possibly stemming from government entities, utilities, and other offline sources. Doubtless wisely seeing the looming threat of lost reputation and customers. Sterling Sky concluded that, for the sake of accuracy. Ongoing management fees are a business expense you should likely plan for.

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I’ll add that it’s important to remember Spain Phone Number List that many citations, including Google My Business listings, are basically open-source. It’s not just a case of large data aggregators pulling in information from government records. Any member of the public, including competitors and spammers, can suggest inaccurate edits to your live listings, and the brands you market need to know when this happens so that you can take action to maximize damage control. Will you take a DIY, one-and-done, or always-on approach to your listings? I was recently at a virtual conference at which reps from two citation services companies agreed that no one seems to question that multi-location businesses need help controlling their listings because manual management just doesn’t scale.

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Instead questions about value tend to arise DT Leads for smaller brands with just one or two physical locations. Should these local business types be paying for help with location data distribution and management? My heart is always with the independent local SMB, so I’ve seriously pondered this question for the past several years and this is what I’ve concluded I do consider it quite possible to build citations manually but managing them is another story. If 31-40 citations is the sweet spot found in the Uberall study to see maximum ROI, that’s going to involve substantial work just in terms of submitting data.

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