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So you can kind of explain what you were trying to do there. It’s also very useful if you want to comment out code. So I use this all the time when I’m kind of fumbling and trying to. Do different things within a Colab notebook and it’s not working. I will just comment out different things and try different ways, and oftentimes that helps me kind of find solutions quickly. Data types The next and perhaps the most powerful thing, especially if you want to start using Python for data analysis. So let’s say you want to start pulling in Google Search Console data or Google Analytics.

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So important to be aware of the different Argentina Phone Number List data types. So if you’re pulling in text, like keywords from Search Console, it should be picked up in Python as string (str). Sometimes this gets screwed up when you import data. So it’s really important to have the proper data types assigned to your different types of data so that you can perform correct calculations. So for numeric values, you have integer or just int, float, and complex. If your numbers aren’t in these data types, you won’t be able to run different calculations on them. So again, just to be aware that these exist and really the gist of it is you basically just want your data to be reflective of the proper Python data types.

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So sequence is listed as those three — list, tuple, and range. Mapping is DT Leads really common if you’re using dictionary type things within different programs. Then, of course, our most common, Boolean, which is true or false, is just bool. So is Pumpkin a big, happy girl? True. She’s actually a boy. That’s a long story. But you can call her whatever. She’s having so much fun, and she’s so happy to be here. 4. If.else Lastly, the if.else statement. So there’s a number of different statements that you can use. But arguably one of.

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