And All The Other Documents That Are Part Of The Billing

Once the overview on the invoice is exhaust. In this paragraph I will list the other documents that make up the billing process. Distinguishing them by type and specifying what they are use for and what more (or less) data must be enter.

The advance invoice

The advance invoice is a normal invoice which. However, with the buyer’s approval, is issued before the normal invoicing. Obligation (and therefore before the object of the agreement underlying the sale is realize).

Resorting to this type of invoicing is very convenient in

The presence of long-term collaboration or supply contracts, in order to issue a single document that justifies. The entire period of the relationship and divides the payment in periodic installments.

The parcel

The parcel is a specific type of invoice that is issued Bolivia Phone Numbers by all those subjects (generally professionals) to whom the withholding tax is applied by the buyer, such as the accountant, the engineer or the consultants.

Withholding tax is a sum that the buyer must pay directly to the state. As an advance on the taxes that the seller will have to pay. To this end, two new items will be inserted in the parcel, in addition to those seen for the invoice:

  • the amount of the withholding tax;
  • the total amount to be paid after the withholding (total invoice – withholding tax).

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The invoice on account

The invoice on account is the invoice that is issued when the seller receives a deposit from the buyer and must be issued to report this step, as each collection must be attributable to a document that certifies its origin and motivation).

Given that the main purpose of the down payment invoice is to report the receipt, its peculiarity is that it can contain a very simple and general description inside it, even a simple “down payment”.

Once the agreement has been made, a final invoice must then be issued, in which all the details will be reported, including the number and date of the down payment invoice (s), obviously subtracting the amounts already collected from the total to be paid.

The transport document (DDT)

The DDT (transport document) must be issued in the event that there is a transfer of one or more physical goods by shipment (carried out by third parties) or delivered (by the company itself) to a place other than the seller’s headquarters. The DDT must be issued, therefore, even in those cases in which there is no sale in progress or in which the two places where the goods are moved are both owned by the same company.

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