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Facebook Shops product page looks like. Product descriptions. shipping policies. and prices can either be drafted manually or integrated from an existing online store: facebook shops product desktop view Beyond serving as a static storefront. the platform boasts features to help brands promote products to followers. For example. you can tag products directly within posts and Stories to drive fans to your Facebook Shop. tagged product on facebook With Shops. you can also run sales and separate your products into different collections.

This sort of customization allows you to either replicate your existing storefront on Facebook or give your Shop a totally different vibe. Facebook shopping collection Who are FB Shops meant for? Initially. the platform was marketed as a means of supporting small and independent businesses in the midst of COVID-19. But as highlighted by our Facebook Shops examples. ecommerce giants are on board as well. In short. the platform is fair game for: Small businesses and merchants. Facebook Shops’ ease of use makes it ideal for business owners selling digitally for the first time.

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Established ecommerce storefronts. Given how easy it is to upload your current inventory to Facebook. doing so is a no-brainer if you’re already selling online. Brands with a thriving Facebook community. For example. Facebook Georgia Phone Numbers Group owners can easily funnel trusted fans to their storefronts. Why you should set up a Facebook Shop The short answer? We’ve entered the era of social media ecommerce: the more avenues you have to sell. the better. And despite popular belief. selling online through multiple channels doesn’t mean pulling your hair out.

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The platform makes it a cinch to double-dip your existing inventory of products (especially if you’re already selling on Instagram). But perhaps most notably. Facebook Shops’ setup process is seriously simple. Doing so doesn’t require a huge investment of time or energy. but the returns are potentially massive depending on your Facebook engagement. How to create a Facebook shop from scratch First things first: you’re going to need a Page to attach your storefront to. Upon accessing

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Facebook’s Commerce Manager. you’ll be to asked to “Add Shop” or “Add Catalog.” Let’s start with your Shop. Facebook does a good job of holding your hand through this process. breaking down each step and highlighting what you’ll need to be approved to sell on Facebook. create shop in facebook From here. you’ll be prompted to: Pick a Facebook Page to host your Shop Integrate your partner platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce (if necessary) Choose a checkout method (either Facebook’s native checkout.

Shop Pay by Shopify or payment on-site) Then. you’ll be asked to specify your shipping policies and return window. Want to set up a free shipping threshold or offer rush delivery? Totally up to you. Setting up shipping and returns in facebook shops Once submitted. You’ll need to return to the Commerce Manager and select “Add Catalog.” Adding a catalog in facebook shops From here. You can upload your own manual product information or choose from your partner of choice. The specifics of catalog setup vary from business to business: importing product catalog in facebook shops And that’s the short of it!

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