All of them are cereals that have stopped being exported at the same level as

Some products. An aspect that you will be able to understand better with an online logistics master or a course in logistics and operations management when it comes to air transportation , russia has closed its airspace to more than 35 countries. So, any cargo plane that passes through the russian zone will have to find an alternative route, spending more fuel to be able to fly. “russia and ukraine are responsible for 4.5% of the total refrigerated traffic that moves by sea each year.” furthermore, russia alone imported four million tons of fresh products by sea in 2021.

Transporting these products from

In this sense, not only is the level of fresh food that has stopped being marketed important, but also the lower use of refrigerated containers that russia makes. Being one of the main players in the sector. Shortage of cereals impossible to Latvia Phone Number export wheat, corn, rye, barley… All of them are cereals that have stopped being exported at the same level as before. And it is that russia and ukraine are two very relevant countries in the production of cereals, which are present in numerous edible products, both for human and animal nutrition.

Transporting these products from

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In fact, russia is the first country in wheat exports, while ukraine supplies 35% of all cereals that enter the european union. “russia and ukraine alone account for around 30% of global wheat production.” as the. Logistics and transport sector is affected by the war, the distribution of this product and others. Such as corn, soy or sunflower is also being compromised. Transporting these products from russia or ukraine is much more difficult. As well as making payments to russia due to sanctions imposed by the west .

As it could not be otherwise, consequently the price of wheat has also shot up 40% and signs. Of shortages in products such as sunflower oil are already beginning to be detected . Conclusion: squeeze your pocket! The conclusion of all this is that there is going to be an increase in. Costs in general, including maritime freight, that is. The cost associated with transporting a container from one port to another. We are faced with a situation reminiscent of the cold war era. The increase in the price of fuel,

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